Creating Valentines: MadLibs on the Go

February 2, 2012

Creating Valentines: MadLibs on the goI must confess that I love creating Valentines with the girls each year! It is always a crafty time where we get to be creative, sit and chat, and learn valuable lessons in generosity and persistence.

This year, for our third-grade daughter, we took our inspiration from these great MadLib Valentines. We combined the brilliant MadLib idea with this creative packaging and are really happy with the results. My daughter likes the fact that they are “really unique” and I love that we are sneaking in a bit of a (sugar free) learning experience!

Creating Valentine's: MadLibs on the go

Mariah Bruehl is a parent, educator, and author of the book Playful Learning: Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder (Shambhala Publications, 2011). In 2008 Mariah brought her expertise online, creating the Parents’ Choice Gold Medal award-winning Web site Playful Learning. In 2011 she launched the Playful Learning Ecademy, which takes virtual-learning experiences to a new level by incorporating the best practices in education with engaging hands-on lessons, bringing parents and children together from all over the world into a unique, creative, community environment.


  1. Melissa said on February 5, 2013 #

    This is fabulous! Thank you for posting! I love that someone has a similar parenting style…and quite pleased that you are much craftier than I!  Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

    • mariah said on February 5, 2013 #

      Thanks Melissa! What I love about these Valentines is that you don’t have to be very crafty – ha!

  2. Jessica said on February 5, 2013 #

    I really love this idea! My daughter saw the MadLib valentine idea on Pinterest, but I wasn’t sure how to put it together in a pleasing way. You have given me just that! Can you tell me, where did you find the plastic vials! The link you have is for glass vials, not allowed in school. 

  3. Simply Stefani said on February 5, 2013 #

    [...] Mad Libs Valentine [...]

  4. Michele said on February 10, 2013 #

    I love the idea, and plan to do it for my son who is in 2nd grade. The only problem that I have is the Mad Libs that I purchased were put together with the words needed for one sheet on the back of the sheet above it. Were yours the same way?

    • mariah said on February 11, 2013 #

      Hi Michele – Yes, we just used the single sheet. The girls felt that is was more fun to add your own words and none of the recipients seemed to mind!

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