Be a Peacemaker (Online)

Playful Learning: Be a Peacemaker

The Be a Peacemaker online class is perfect for exploring simple techniques to help you maintain balance and peace of mind. It begins with introducing ways to find peace within and ends by exploring the importance of spread peace in our everyday lives.


 4 to 10






By practicing mindfulness we discover how to find that peaceful place within ourselves, even during the most difficult of times. For it is only when we can find internal peace that we are able to make lasting change in the world. This online class offers families a way to explore beneficial techniques together in an effort to develop a shared language and common understanding of what it means to be fully present in our lives.

Video Lessons:

  • Sensing Peace
  • Finding Peace Within
  • Think Positive Thoughts
  • Acts of Kindness

In this self-paced workshop you will…

  • Enjoy videos and printables for three lessons to be shared as a family
  • Access helpful parenting tips and suggestions
  • Share your experiences and work with families around the world
* Participants will have ongoing access to workshop community + materials.

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