Food for Thought (Online)

Playful Learning: Food for Thought


 6 to 10






Join in on this fun family workshop where we will take a fresh look at the foods we eat! One of the most profound insights that I’ve gained from spending time in the company of children is the connection between diet and behavior. Over the years, I witnessed firsthand the impact that food has on school performance. This workshop helps to equip kids with the information they need to make healthy choices and develop lifelong habits.

Join in as we discuss facts about nutrition, try new foods, share recipes, and encourage each other along the way.

Video Lessons:

  • The Food Mood Connection
  • Eating the Colors of the Rainbow
  • Creating Balanced Snacks and Meals

In this self-paced workshop you will…

  • Enjoy videos and printables for three lessons to be shared as a family
  • Access helpful parenting tips and suggestions
  • Share your experiences and work with families around the world
* Participants will have ongoing access to workshop community + materials.


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