Learning Pass

Playful Learning: Learning Pass


Are you committed to enriching and supporting your child’s education? Are you a teacher or homeschooler who wants to take advantage of this special opportunity to have access to our complete inventory of online workshops for children? Then the Learning Pass is for you!

Purchase all 10 of our online workshops and receive an amazing discount ($90.00)! You’ll have access to these online workshops, full of engaging lessons, to share with your children or students, forever! We only offer our workshops during specific times of the year, so this is a great way to stock up.

When you purchase our online workshops, you have ongoing access to all of the content and printables, so you can move through the activities at your own pace and revisit them when the need arises.

You will receive access to the following workshops forever!

There’s More!

Online Class: Playful Learning Spaces

When you purchase the Learning Pass, you will also receive our Playful Learning Spaces online workshop (a $78.00 value) for parents and teachers, FREE!

So, just to sum things up, when you purchase the Summer Learning Pass, you will receive:


Price: $348.00 $180.00