Starting a Writer’s Notebook (Online)

Playful Learning: Writer's Notebook


 6 to 10






It’s essential that children have a writing life outside of school assignments and homework. This workshop is not about making sure that children have perfectly formed letters, amazing spelling, or finely tuned grammar. That will come in other workshops. This workshop is about instilling a LOVE of writing, inspiring children to see themselves as true authors, and showing them that writing is a powerful form of self-expression. The writing activities in this workshop are meant to help young authors develop their sense of voice and enthusiasm for writing. Participants will learn a variety of strategies and techniques for generating ideas and producing meaningful writing.

During this online workshop you will…

  • Access helpful parenting tips and suggestions
  • Enjoy daily videos and printables for activities to be shared as a family
  • Share your experiences and work with families around the world

Topics Explored:

  • A Writer’s Life
  • Starting a Writer’s Notebook
  • Generating Ideas
  • Connecting to Your Writing
  • Your Writer’s Voice
* Participants will have ongoing access to workshop community + materials.


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