Playful Learning Spaces (Online)

Online Class: Playful Learning Spaces

During my time in the classroom I learned firsthand that the environment plays a huge role in a child’s development. There are so many little changes we can make as parents and teachers that make a big difference for the children in our lives.


Playful Learning Spaces is a self-paced workshop, designed to support parents and teachers through the process of designing thoughtful spaces for children. We will explore and share ideas for creating areas that invite children to engage in reading, writing, science, art and more. We will also discuss, educational theory, organization, storage, and selecting materials for different ages and stages of child development.

This video-based workshop introduces basic educational principles, provides simple guidelines, and promises big doses of inspiration. You will also have access to helpful printables and links to relevant research, products, and resources. As a community we will have the opportunity to look at the spaces we create for our children, tackle overdue projects, post before and after photos, and receive practical feedback and support.

Topics covered:

  • Image of the Child
  • Encouraging Young Writers
  • Nurturing Budding Readers
  • Artistic Explorations
  • For the Love of Science
  • The Corners of Our Homes + Classrooms
* Participants will have ongoing access to workshop community + materials.



“The blend of visual materials, video, informative articles, and useable printouts made this workshop invaluable and well worth the investment. Really, I wish this would never end. I can’t wait to sign up for the next workshop, no matter what the content!”

“Thank you very much for this workshop. It has been very inspiring, and oh so good for all of our family. I will listen to these videos again, as I realize that each time I listen, I hear something I didn’t hear before, or a new idea pops in my mind.”

Price: $78.00

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