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Playful Learning Studio: Science

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.

—John Muir


Seeing the natural world through the eyes of a child is an enlightening experience. Their innate appreciation for and fascination by all living things is a quality that can lead to many fulfilling learning experiences. Our science program builds on the inherent interests of your children as we teach them how to hypothesize, investigate, and report their findings through authentic real-world experiences.

Choose from the selection below or ask us to create a customized learning plan for your child or small group.

Young Scientists (ages 4 to 6)

Starting at a very young age, children begin to build their own theories about the way the world works. These theories are constructed through their hands-on experiences and are constantly evolving based on new discoveries. We work with young scientists to build on their natural curiosity. Through hands-on scientific explorations, children learn to ask good questions and are given the tools to pursue the answers they are looking for.

Science Clubs (ages 6+)

Would you like to keep your children actively engaged in exploring science outside of school? We will design a curriculum based on their interests. Do they love dolphins, insects, or rainbows? You name it and we will build a personalized curriculum for an engaging Science Club that will be enjoyed and remembered by all.

Tutoring & eTutoring (all ages)

If your child could benefit from some remediation or is interested in enrichment, we will design a customized learning plan based on his or her needs and passions. You will receive weekly updates on our work together as well as recommendations for how to further support his/her learning at home.


*All sessions are overseen by award-winning educator, author and Playful Learning founder, Mariah Bruehl.

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