Identifying Backyard Flowers

June 12, 2009

Flower SearchI have been meaning to find a hands-on way for the girls to learn the names of the flowers that are growing in our garden. When I read Megan’s, Connecting with Nature: Challenge #1 over at Simple Kids, I knew it was time to take on a flower identification project.

I was inspired by these and decided that doing a flower search would be a fun way to identify and learn the flower names. I started by photographing the five flowers currently in bloom in our garden. After identifying them myself (which was a lesson in and of itself), I created and printed a template for the flower guide. I cut them out, pasted them onto green paper and covered them with clear contact paper. After punching a small hole on the corner of each card, I tied them together with twine and a few decorative beads. In order to reinforce the learning of the flower names I also created a flower search printable, which they used to write down the name next to the corresponding flower.

Equipped with their clipboards and homemade flower guides they went into the garden and tried to match our garden flowers with the photos in their guide. Once they matched a flower correctly, they found the same flower on their flower search sheet and wrote down the name.

The girls really enjoyed this activity and have already asked to “play” it again. As more flowers bloom we will add them to our flower guide and sheet. The same method can be used to identify backyard leaves, trees, bugs… you name it!

Materials & Resources
Flower Guide – Printable
Flower Search – Printable

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Mariah Bruehl is a parent, educator, and author of the book Playful Learning: Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder (Shambhala Publications, 2011). In 2008 Mariah brought her expertise online, creating the Parents’ Choice Gold Medal award-winning Web site Playful Learning. In 2011 she launched the Playful Learning Ecademy, which takes virtual-learning experiences to a new level by incorporating the best practices in education with engaging hands-on lessons, bringing parents and children together from all over the world into a unique, creative, community environment.

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