Easy + Fun DIY Photo Booth

September 5, 2012


My youngest daughter recently celebrated her eighth birthday. While it seems like yesterday when she turned five and started kindergarten—those days of easy party planning are over. Back then I could simply suggest a theme and run with it. Now, it is a process of give and take as we discuss a variety of possibilities and variations, until we can come up with ideas together that feel exciting, achievable, and fun. So this year the theme(s) we agreed upon was to have a swim-jewelry-peace-photo-booth party. Whew! Try to say that five times fast…

It ended up being a great day! Ella knew exactly what her friends would enjoy and made great decisions about the big and little details of the party. And, my little corner of the universe (party) was the photo booth, which was something that I have been wanting to try for quite some time.

Playful Learning: DIY Photo Booth

Setting up the photo booth ended up being easier than I anticipated. You do not have to build any elaborate backdrops and, for the most part, you can use many of the dress-up items you already have at home.

  1. Simple Sheet (fastened to trees with wooden laundry clips)
  2. Garland (also attached with wooden laundry clips)
  3. Lip Lollipops
  4. Variety of Fun Glasses & Masks
  5. Basket of Boas
  6. Hats from Around the World
  7. Computer with Photo Booth or Simple Camera

A bit of advice… while we had the computer set up so that the girls could take their own pictures (which turned out great), it is helpful to have someone nearby to take some additional photos. They got so wrapped up in all of the dress-up variations, that they would at times forget to capture the moment, before excitedly moving on to the next outfits.

Playful Learning: DIY Photo Booth

Playful Learning: DIY Photo Booth

And of course no eight-year-old’s birthday party is complete without rainbow sprinkles and a peace sign pinata (with some added bling)… Happy Birthday Ella!

Playful Learning: DIY Photo Booth

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  1. ~ joey ~ said on September 6, 2012 #

    Happy Birthday Ella!
    It looks like you had a really fun time at the party that you and your Mom organized! I hope you have a very happy and creative year ahead! ;o)
    ~ joey ~

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