Art for Kids: Fun with Matisse

Using the work of a specific artist as inspiration can be a fun activity with budding young creatives. Recently, I’ve become quite involved with

Drawing Connections: Music Inspired Art

As a musician and someone who deals in the visual arts, it’s not hard for me to draw a natural connection between music and

Mindful Holidays: The Gift of Time

“We are always getting ready to live but never living.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson On a cloudy afternoon recently, I had an experience that ended

Picture Book Project: The Bear’s Song

Having three children under the age of seven in the house amounts to a lot of picture book reading! Every now and then we

Raising Confident + Natural Girls: 10 Ways to Cultivate Confidence

I think we all want to raise confident girls who can successfully navigate their way though life. While my girls are still fairly young,

“Mariah Bruehl is a rare combination of educator, artist, parent and visionary, all in one.”

– Emma Walton Hamilton

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