The Daily Draw

Drawing is a language of expression. It is a way for children to make their individual creativity visible. Children can represent ideas with drawing.

Lino Block Printing for Kids

Kate from An Everyday Story is with us today to share a great DIY on block printing with the budding young artists in our

Collaborating with Nature

Kate from An Everyday Story is with us today to share a fun way to bring together an appreciation of nature and our creative

Raising Little Inventors

“Mummy, what do you think is inside this?” Simple questions like these happen everyday. Questions which present us with opportunities to learn and discover;

Meaningful Literacy: Vegetable Stones for the Kitchen Garden

I think the dream to carve out a little spot in our yards to grow our own produce is a common one. Growing and

“Mariah Bruehl is a professional, highly creative and passionate person who communicates hope and positivism to others. Her dedication and expertise provides parents like me with the support and guidance needed for supplementing and enriching our children’s education. Mariah is a one of a kind educator that is making a great difference out there in the world.”

– Elsa Mora

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