Introduction to Simple Machines

Playful Learning: Introduction to Simple Machines

Science is so fascinating because it is literally all around us, and simple machines are the perfect examples! We use them daily, often without even realizing it.

Enjoy the video below and have fun searching for simple machines in your homes and neighborhoods! Learn to see the world in a new way, identifying the simple machines that make up so much of what we use in our every day lives.


Playful Learning: Simple Machines Playful Learning: Simple Machines

Books to Inspire


More to Explore

  • EdHeads: online game identifying simple machines around the house
  • BrainpopMuseum of Science and Industry online game creating simple machines to solve problems
  • Learning Games for Kids
  • Robot Factory: create robots using simple machines to complete a task


Dig Deeper

Put your engineering hats on and dive in hands first to create some simple machines of your own in our online workshop, Maker Lab: Simple Machines!

Camp Playful Learning: Simple Machines

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