Book Love: Embracing the Seasons

Embracing the Seasons

As each new season rolls along for another three months, it is a special time to reflect on what the season brings, be in hibernation, endless days of sunshine or a time to be quiet calm and reflect, each season has a purpose.

In the Southern Hemisphere we are moving towards Autumn and a time for slowing down and allowing the daylight hours reflect the need for simplicity and a time for rest.  I adore the notion of not using lights throughout autumn and winter and using candles when it is dark and allowing our bodies to unwind and slow down and become attuned and receptive to mother nature.  In the northern hemisphere the days are getting longer, new growth is evident everywhere and the extra daylight allows for afternoon walks after the workmen day and the opportunity to meet with friends, have long lunches which, if you are blessed, then turn into an evening by the pool or local river.


As the seasons change I like to gather as many books as I can about the changing time and share these with my boys.
Embracing the SeasonsHere are a few books that look at different seasons and are beautifully illustrated…
After sharing the books it is a wonderful opportunity to set up a provocation filled with large sheets of paper, pots filled with fine liners and watercolor paints or pencils.  A case of flowers cut and gathered form the garden or neighborhood or even a handful of leaves called from the trees (if you are experiencing Autumn).  I believe in open-ended experiences and a gathering of the family to make connections, reflect and create.   No end product in mind, just the opportunity to reflect on the experience and create.  Clay is also a wonderful starting point. If clay is not something you have on hand a simple playdough recipe scented with essential oils works beautifully.
I also have a strong belief of shopping in season when possible and finding produce at local farmers markets.  This cook book by Donna Hay is delightful and divided into Seasons.

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