A Book List for Animal Lovers

A Book List for Animal LoversWe thought it would be fun to share a list of our favorite books for all of the animal lovers out there…

1. Animalium by Jenny Broom. If I was giving out awards, this book would receive my Best Book of 2014 award!  It’s Magical, whimsical and ever so engaging for everyone. It is the most perfect book for pleasure and research and marries both areas ever so perfectly.  It is also a large format book (370 x 272mm), which makes it that extra bit special.  My schoolboy received this as his end of school year gift (In Australia we have school years according to the calendar year). My son is inquisitive and has a thirst for new information. He adores David Attenborough and therefore Animalium was the perfect gift for him to help foster the love of the world around us.  Animalium is the first in a series of virtual museums published by Big Picture Press and I long to find out what the next piece in the collection will be.  Each chapter features a different part of the tree of life and poses so many questions. Schoolboy and myself talked and talked about what we thought the differences between a plant and an animal are.  What a brilliant project to explore with your child. Our suggestion is to start with reading the opening pages and choosing a part of the tree of life to focus on: flightless birds, frogs and toads, colorful birds, the possibilities are endless.  Go on to sketch, research, gather, touch, create…

More to Explore…

2. Infographics: Animals by Simon Rogers and Jenny Broom

3. Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me by Millie Marotta

4. Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman

5. Bird by Andrew Zuckerman

6. Creature by Andrew Zuckerman

7. World Search: Incredible Animals by Lonely Planet

A Book List for Animal Lovers


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