Author Focus: David Mackintosh

Author Focus: David Mackintosh

David Mackintosh is a delight. His style and color palette are just perfect. It is bold and graphic with fine details and there is always something interesting to draw the eye. We own all of David’s Author/Illustrator creations and adore their very specific humor. David Mackintosh is very clever in his approach to writing for children and he shares his craft so beautifully.

His titles have been long and short listed for numerous prestigious awards. He was won the Please Touch Museum Illustration Award in 2011 and the Hampshire Illustrated Book Award in 2012. I am certain that more accolades are to follow.

When sharing David’s books with my boys, I often post a few questions:

What can you see? What do you wonder? What does this remind you of?

By sharing a few quick questions, children tune in their brains to think about the text and going back into their memories to see if any connections can be made.

David’s books are listed below:

The boy and I are anticipating the soon to be released What’s Up Mumu? I am certain it will be as delightful as the other titles.

As a special treat, David has created an illustration just for Playful Learning! Thank you David, what an honor!

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