5 Things You Can Learn From Your Child

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Child

Nuria from the The Adventures Archive is here today to share some insightful inspiration to all of the grown-ups of the world…

1. Let it go: If you have ever seen a fight in between siblings, you know that their level of emotions goes from 0 to 10 in a split second. Suddenly toys start flying, shouts fill the room, and they say things like “I don’t want to play with you ever again” with deep conviction. But give them half an hour and they will be best friends again like nothing happened. No resentment, no anger. Next time you have a big argument think about your child. You’ll be less reluctant to forgive and forget.

2. Keep your sense of wonder: If you could see the world through your child’s eyes you would see a wonderful, magical place. Kids appreciate the little things, they don’t rush around worrying and everything is exciting to them. When was the last time you stop to smell the roses? Don’t let responsibilities and housework kill your sense of wonder. Spend some time playing with your children and marvel with them at the simplest things.


5 Things You Can Learn From Your Child


3. Don’t be afraid to ask: Children have the ability to ask the questions no one else has thought of and to challenge the assumptions that we, adults, no longer question. Then we grow up and stop asking, because we don’t want to look dumb, or inadequate. However, the fear of “looking unknowledgeable” can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember, the biggest discoveries were done by adults who never stopped asking why.

4. Live like there’s no tomorrow: Every morning, kids jump out of bed and prepare to live the day to the fullest. When a child is having fun nothing else exists. They only know this moment; right here and now, and they seem to understand something that we adults have forgotten: that the present is what counts and that each day is a gift waiting to be discovered.


5 Things You Can Learn From Your Child


5. Be creative: When was the last time you tried something new? Do you stop yourself from doing things differently because you are afraid of other people’s opinions? Children are not. They love taking risks and don’t worry about looking foolish or different. Be like them and start exploring new options. Your creativity will thrive and you’ll have more and better ideas.


Meet Nuria Pérez Paredes, a supernova mama, world-class creative director, and random-acts-of-creativity renegade. Nuria sparks genius by teaching creative-thinking techniques in schools and helping families improve their parenthood skills. She holds a MA in Advertising from Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan and a diploma in Executive & Creative Coaching from Noble Manhattan in London. Nuria loves writing, playing the ukulele, and dunking biscuits in tea. She lives in Madrid with her two daughters and enjoys blogging about their creative endeavors over at The Adventures Archive.



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  1. Oh I love this. It’s so true, we can learn so much from our children. I’ve written a poem about exactly that! I love the concept that children only know this moment… Really well put and so very true. Xx

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