Yoga for Kids: Gettin’ Buggy With It

Yoga for Kids: Getting' Buggy With It

Monique of Green Acorns is with us today with to share some inspiring spring yoga poses for the little yogis on our lives…

Nature is a source of wonder for our children and Yoga provides an engaging and fun means of expression and further exploration of that nature.  Children can imagine taking on the qualities of the natural elements that exists around them and, in doing so, deepen their connection.

Yoga for Kids: Getting' Buggy With It

Yoga for Kids: Getting' Buggy With It

This month, taking inspiration from my children’s interest in the reawakening of life after a long winter, we will explore some of the smaller creatures found in our yards: insects!  In this yoga sequence, we’ll be gettin’ buggy with it.  If the weather permits, spend some time outside observing the insects you see.  How do they move?  Are they fast or slow?  Do they make a sound?  How do they position their bodies at rest?  What are they busy doing?  You and your child may also like to look at the beautiful book Step Gently Out by Helen Frost before you begin for further inspiration.
Yoga for Kids: Getting' Buggy With It Yoga for Kids: Getting' Buggy With It

I hope you and your child enjoy and that it inspires a curiosity and appreciation for all life, big and small!



Monique Barker is an empowered mama, homeschooling superstar, and Early Intervention Specialist. Sharing her love of nature and healthy living keeps Monique creating rich learning experiences for students around the world. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine and a Counseling Certification from the University of New England. When she’s not mothering her three lovelies, Monique enjoys hiking, getting crafty, long days at the beach, and quiet time with her husband and cat at their home in Maine. You can enjoy more of her work over at, Green Acorns.


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