A Very Merry Christmas Booklist (Part Two)

A Very Merry Christmas Booklist (Part 2)

Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us today to share part two of her Christmas booklist series…

There are so many beautiful Christmas titles for children based around the story of the nativity.  Below are just a few that I have encountered and grown to love.  Please share any holiday stories you love during the Christmas period!

  1. Wombat Divine by Mem Fox. An absolute favorite which makes me cry every reading!  It is the story of Australian bush animals as they prepare for the Nativity Play.
  2. The Christmas Book by Dick Bruna. This title is hard to get hold of, so check your local boutique bookshop or antique book shops to find it.  It is well worth the hunt.  I found a new copy in a little book shop, but have not seen it for a while.  Your local library may also have a copy.
  3. The First Christmas by Jan Pienkowski. I adore this book, the illustrations are simply precious. The story is very difficult to read, but the illustrations get the message across beautifully.
  4. Tomie’s Little Christmas Pageant by Tomie de Paola. Both my boys love this book last year. I am unsure what makes this title more unique and special compared to all the others, maybe it is the precious illustrations by Tommie or just the way the story of Christmas is retold.  I love the sheep on the skateboard.  Sweet!
  5. Room For a Little One by Martin Waddell. This story is told from the viewpoint of animals who were in the stable of the gentle and kind humans who arrived one night.  “There is always room for a little one here.”
  6. Babushka by Sandra Ann Horn. I could not find my version however this titles looks adorable.  It is really interesting sharing the story of the birth of Jesus though different view points and this one is a favorite.
  7. The Nativity Play by Nick Butterworth. This is a modern classic.  Precious indeed and I must order a copy for myself. This is a hard to find title so snatch it up if still available.
  8. The Nativity by Julie Vivas. When I mentioned my favorite books on instagram recently, this was one of my follower’s favorite Christmas stories and I have to agree with her.  It can be a little difficult to locate, so if you cannot find it online or at your local boutique bookshop, try your local library.  It certainly is one to add to your Christmas collection.  I am so very fond of her water color illustrations that they almost bring a tear to my eye.  Simply breathtaking Julie.  I had the chance to interview Julie recently and you can read it here.

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Rebecca has a love for travel, the outdoors, and picture books, and enjoys spending her time sourcing delightful educational experiences to share with her two sons.With a background in early childhood and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tasmania, Rebecca teaches at a private all girls school in Australia. Her passion for the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori lead Rebecca to Playful Learning many years ago when she first enrolled in the online Playful Learning Spaces workshop.  She shortly became a regular contributor, mainly focusing on children’s literature. Rebecca is currently working on a modern day primer for children, called Alphabet Town under the label bec + georg.



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    1. I think this book is a complete classic. Save it for them as adults. They will appreciate it that you saved a favourite edition which reminds them on their childhood. I adore this book.

  1. Please check out “The First Christmas Present” story by Marilyn Sommerer. Published by Concordia Publishing House. The first page says, “The first Christmas present was given by a father.” Looking forward to tracking down Mem Fox’s book. Thank you for all the suggestions!

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