Gift Ideas for Creative Kids: Iron-Ons

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Gift Ideas for Creative Kids: Iron-Ons

Whether you are buying holiday gifts are a birthday present for a party, it is always nice to give creative gifts that inspire open-ended explorations. I love giving gifts that supply everything needed to enjoy an inspiring experience. So, I thought it would be fun to start a new series to share all of my favorite gift ideas.

As the girls get older they are always looking for outlets to express their individuality. I thought it would be fun to give them supplies for creating their own personalized tank tops and tote bags.

I put together this gift for my two daughters and a friend of theirs. I bought the following items and divided everything up into three gifts. While I chose more girly iron-ons and camis, there are lots of great iron-ons that would be cool for boys to put on tees.

Gift Ideas for Creative Kids: Iron-Ons

The presents were well received and an became even bigger hits when we set out to put their iron-on kits to good use… The girls started out by selecting the images they liked, then they cut them out, and placed their designs on the bag or tank top that they were decorating.

Gift Ideas for Creative Kids: Iron-Ons

I used the iron to adhere the images to the desired material. Hint: use a very hot iron and add a lot of pressure to the iron-ons before attempting to remove the paper. Overall, I was really pleased with how well the iron-ons worked!

Gift Ideas for Creative Kids: Iron-Ons

The girls added their finishing touches with the 3D glitter fabric paint, which dries beautifully and is very durable…

I am happy to report that their totes are being put to good use on a regular basis for dance classes and book clubs! They are worn with great pride…

What are you favorite gift ideas for creative kids?


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  1. Very cute idea. I can see my kiddos loving this type of a project. I’ve never done iron ons with them before, mostly because the ones I’ve seen at big stores like Hobby Lobby are expensive, and they’re not nearly as cute as the ones from this book.
    Sarah M

    1. Thanks Sarah! This was fun and the iron-ons we bought had so many cute options… I love how proud the girls are of their designs. I wasn’t sure if they would actually use the totes when they were finished, but they love them!

  2. Well, my daughter will lose her mind when she sees this post tomorrow – so I know iron-ons will be in our future! Especially with such creative and colorful options!

  3. Oh those instant iron ons are cool!
    One year my twins were given white t-shirts and fabric markers and they were such a hit that we have given several presents of t-shirts, hats or shoes and fabric markers to many of their friends.

  4. This is such a fantastic, fun idea! I purchased the iron-on transfers book from Amazon. We already have a good size stash of fabric paint, so I wanted something different. I found several packages of iron-on gemstones on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I was able to put SEVEN long sleeve tops from Old Navy in the set, as I got them on clearance a little while ago for $.50-.97! Our ten year old fashionista is going to love this!

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