Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Joey from Made by Joey is with us today to share some great tips and resources for setting up a gemstone nature table, which will surely delight the young scientists in our lives…

Setting up an enticing learning opportunity in your home can be as easy as bringing out your collection of sparkly crystals and gemstones!

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Setting up a nature table is a wonderful way of displaying the beauty of nature in your home as well as offering an open invitation for more exploration.  On this table I have included natural items like pinecones and wooden trees as well as some of our collection of gemstones and crystals.

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

For those curious, I have set out The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and a printable pocket gemstone chart from our local Mineral store to help identify some of the sparkly gems on the table.  Tealights make the table twinkle and a Waldorf postcard of a crystal painting adds to the theme.

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Gemstones, bowls of colored glass pebbles, large smooth glass pebbles, quartz crystals and geodes decorate the table and stimulate the sense of touch when picked up and studied!

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Samples of the stones placed next to small information sheets offer interesting facts to share with family members.

Creating Spaces: Gemstone Nature Table

Another way of adding interest to your table is by hanging some of the colourful pebbles from a tree branch to catch the light or by  filling a bowl with sparkly stones, glass marbles and colourful pebbles to run your fingers through!

Some activities and topics that could be discussed from a table like this could be:

  • How are rocks and crystals formed?
  • How does the light reflect through crystals to make rainbows on the walls?
  • Where are the countries that gemstones are found?
  • Observe the stones under a magnifying glass or microscope
  • Look up the gemstone for your birth month
  • Break open a whole geode
  • Label and display your collection in watchmaker’s cases
  • Study the healing properties of gemstones

Kid friendly websites to learn more about gemstones and crystals:



Joey Van Oort enjoys coming up with new and exciting ways to unleash her inner creativity. As a longtime stay-at-home / work-from-home mom, she’s here to share her artistic inspiration and ideas with others all over the world. When she’s not elbow-deep in an artistic endeavor, she enjoys blogging at Made By Joey about her family’s creative lifestyle in Western Canada, where she lives with her husband and two children.


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