New Classics for Children

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New Classics for Children
Rebecca from Thirteen Red Shoes is with us to share some lovely classic board books for the youngest readers in our lives…


Over the last 18 months a few delightful books have come on the market aimed at littles but based on classics we are exposed to a school.  I adore this notion as some of my favourite stories have been recreated by two different publishing houses and i can share them with my boys at an early age.Gibbs Smith have created a Baby Lit Series with art work by Alison Oliver and text Jen Adams.  The primers created are just adorable and range from Dracula to Sense and Sensibility to the new titles Sherlock Holmes and Anna Karenina!  It is a delightful way to introduce little to the world of classic literature and she an abridged version of the longer stories by the likes of Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and William Shakespeare.  My favourite Wuthering Heights is available!  Brooding and dark but still appropriate to share.  There are also the most adorable totes to be used as library bags and prints which would look perfect in a library or reading nook space.


Cozy Classics are the other publishing house recreating classics for children.  The style of Holman and jack Wang is very unique and ever so delightful.  Each classic picture book in the series is condensed to 12 pages and 12 words which highlight the theme of the story in words which littles can relate to.  The books present as word primers with beautiful needle felted illustrations.  I think the needle felted creations making these books stand out in the ever producing children literature market and I believe that these will become classics in their own right.  Here is a video of the process and behind the scenes of creating the pieces.



Rebecca has a love for travel, the outdoors, and picture books, and enjoys spending her time sourcing delightful educational experiences to share with her two sons.With a background in early childhood and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tasmania, Rebecca teaches at a private all girls school in Australia. Her passion for the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori lead Rebecca to Playful Learning many years ago when she first enrolled in the online Playful Learning Spaces workshop.  She shortly became a regular contributor, mainly focusing on children’s literature. Rebecca is currently working on a modern day primer for children, called Alphabet Town under the label bec + georg.



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  1. I have to say – the idea of condensed classics board books makes me cringe. Not everything can or should be condensed, facebook-ed or tweeted. Why can’t we just let our children wait until the age when they are ready to soak in the incredible, luscious language and imagery that is offered in classic literature. There is a time and place for Jane Austen …. Why not offer Grimms or Anderson?

  2. Oh I just adore them and certainly think that there is a place for them. By no means do they replace reading the classics when one is at the right age but sharing stories with beautiful art and felted needle points and using delightful descriptive language, I believe is a wonderful experience to share with children…

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