Explore Play Around The World with our Playful Tour

We’ve been busy behind the scenes this summer planning a fun global adventure for you! We teamed up with Jessika of Oh My! Handmade to launch our new eLessons with a world tour. The goal is to help children build leadership skills, awaken creativity, and inspire a love of discovery while meeting new friends from all over the globe.

As digitally connected parents we know the internet has the power to help us build strong friendships across borders and unite us in our similarities, while teaching us about our differences. Our Playful Tour will share that powerful lesson and sense of connection with our children and link up our playful community at the same time!

22 bloggers from across the globe have joined us to share a look at play in their corner of the world and help spread the word about The Playful Learning Ecademy. Visit each of the stops during August to meet these inspiring families, follow the #PlayfulTour fun on Twitter + Instagram,  and enter to win Playful Learning scholarships.

August 1st: Playful Tour Kick Off https://playfullearning.net/blog/

August 2nd: Oh My Handmade, Canada http://ohmyhandmade.com/blog/

August 5th: My Organized Chaos, Japan http://www.my-organized-chaos.com/

August 6th: Childhood 101, Australia  http://childhood101.com

August 7th: Mindful Parenting, Australia  http://www.mindfulparentingmag.com

August 8th: Picklebums, Australia http://picklebums.com/

August 9th: TrashN2Tees, USA http://trashn2tees.blogspot.ca/

August 12th: Simple Kids, USA http://simplekids.net/

August 13th: Mee A Bee, Japan http://www.meeabee.com

August 14th: A Happy Adventure, NZ/China http://www.ahappyadventure.com/

August 15th: Story of Mum, UK http://storyofmum.com/ 

August 16th: Poppy Haus, USA http://www.poppyhaus.com/

August 19th: Kid World Citizen, USA  http://kidworldcitizen.org/

August 20th: Salsa Pie, USA http://salsapie.blogspot.ca

August 21st: Everything Mom & Baby, Canada www.everythingmomandbaby.com/

August 22nd: Simple As That, USA http://www.simpleasthatblog.com/

An Everyday Story, Australia http://www.aneverydaystory.com

August 23rd: Made By Joey, Canada http://madebyjoey.blogspot.com

August 26th: Growing Up Herbal, USA http://www.growingupherbal.com/

August 27th: All Done Monkey, USA  http://alldonemonkey.com/

August 28th: Thirteen Red Shoes, Australia http://www.thirteenredshoes.blogspot.com.au

August 29th: The Tiny Twig, USA/Africa http://www.thetinytwig.com/

August 30th:  Swoon, USA http://www.swoonstudio.blogspot.com

We’ve created a printable Playful Learning Passport for our readers to collect stamps for each eLesson completed. Click the image above or right here, to download your passport and start your adventure!

We also have a special gift for you—because we feel so strongly that every family in the world should have access to the Power of Put-Ups eLesson, we have decided to offer it to everyone free of charge. By using the discount code WORLDPEACE during the registration process you will receive a 100% discount. That way all of the children who follow the tour can automatically add one badge to their passport without having to purchase a class.

Join in the Playful Tour and enter to win your own scholarship to access all the Playful Learning eLessons!  We were inspired by this project, to collect stories and images of play from around the world. Submit a photo of your child at play and share their answers to the questions below. Upload your entry to our community gallery by August 30th and we’ll pick 5 scholarship winners and announce them here on August 31st.

  • Where do you live?
  • What season is it there now?
  • What is your favorite way to play?
  • What do you like most about learning with friends?
  • Can you tell us something special or different about where you live or games you play?

We can’t wait to start the journey tomorrow at our first stop on the tour…  We hope you’ll be joining us!

Congratulations to Sarah and her family (see submitted photo below) for winning the Playful Learning scholarship!

Playful Learning World Tour



With over 10 years of EDU experience and a growing family, Mariah started Playful Learning in 2008 as a resource for parents and teachers. In 2010 Playful Learning received the Parent’s Choice Gold Medal, and in August of 2011, Shambhala Publications released her first book, Playful Learning: Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder. Mariah has an M.S. Ed in Elementary Education and was that girl sitting in the back of class thinking about what she would do differently if she was the teacher. Now she is happily working with a team of gifted educators to bring life-changing lessons to children, families, and schools around the world. In her free time she can be found taking long walks, enjoying a cup of tea, or swimming in the Atlantic with her husband and two daughters.

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