Crafts for Kids: Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders are a constant source of inspiration for our family. Kate from An Everyday Story is here to share a lovely DIY on how to create one from recycled items.

“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” ~ Albert Einstein

A few months ago we moved house into our first family home. It is a lovely little home, needs a little work, but it was mostly the yard which sold us. Our yard has several tall native trees; beautiful eucalyptus and wattle, as well as blossoming deciduous trees.

All the trees has meant that our garden is alive with bird calls, as rosellas, galahs, budgies, cockatoos, magpies and currawongs sit perched on the branches, while brown and blue wrens hop along the ground amongst the bushes.

Recycled Bird Feeder

We are so very fortunate to have such exquisite native birds here in our part of Australia. The colors are so vibrant and their songs are so distinct. For the past few weeks, Jack (4yrs) and Sarah (2yrs) and I have been learning more about these magnificent birds.

We made them a simple rustic bird feeder out of an old pot saucer and this one, to hang up in the trees, from an old plastic bottle.

Recylced Bird Feeder

Here’s what we did:

  • grab yourself an old plastic bottle
  • carefully cut a hole in the side of the bottle – how big and how high up the bottle will depend on your bird – if your bottle is strong enough you can cut a hole in each side
  • carefully cut a small hole on either side of the bottle for your perch
  • find a nice study stick and slide it through the two holes
  • add your wild bird seed
  • twist on the cap tightly and tie a loop of string
  • hang it from a branch and wait for the birds to feast

Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder

My children get such joy from watching these birds; a true sense of wonder as the birds fly in and out of our yard. Beyond learning to recognize the birds by name, observing their feeding patterns and learning their songs, Jack and Sarah are connecting with the birds, building an appreciation I guess for them, an understanding that we share this environment with the birds; a sense of connectedness.

Recycled Bird Feeder

‘Mummy I love these birds so much. They are so beautiful. Look! Another rosella! I wonder which birds will come and visit us tomorrow… we’ll just have to wait and see.’ ~ Jack (4 yrs)



Kate Gribble lives with her husband and two little ones, Jack and Sarah, in Canberra, Australia. She is a former high school teacher but now spends her days happily homeschooling. Kate likes to dabble in a bit of photography, is a hopeless but aspiring kitchen gardener, and loves a bit of crafty goodness. You can find more inspiration over at her blog, An Everyday Story.



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  1. Love! Love! Love! I saw this idea recently at our local wildlife preserve and have it on my list to do with the boys next time we have an empty bottle. Just wish we had a bird that cool in our yard… 🙂

    1. They are quite lovely, aren’t they? We really are so fortunate to have such brightly coloured birds in our neighbourhood. Yesterday we had a magnificent king parrot visit – bright green and red – just beautiful.

  2. What a great idea, we have so many bottles we could use for this too. I especially like that it is transparent so the kids get a better view of the birds feeding!

  3. This is simply brilliant!! I’ve picked up and put down the ‘wild bird feeder’ things in Coles lately… I think we’ll make a little bird feeder tomorrow – we have so many beautiful Australian native birds around. Miss Daisy will love seeing them up close eating her seeds!
    I also LOVE your sketch book… is this a book devoted to Science/experiments or more a sketch book of each day!? Would love to know more! x R

    1. Jack are Sarah are really loving watching the birds and filling the bird feeders everyday. I’m sure Miss Daisy will love it too.

      The sketchbook is Jack’s project book. He has other journals which he draws in daily but this one is specifically for his project work. It is a beautiful record of his learning.

  4. We keep making plans to make or buy a fancy bird feeder, but we never do it… I think this might just be the inspiration we needed and a lovely simple project to actually get it done!

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