9 Ways to Encourage Kids to Write (+ video activity)

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9 Ways to Encourage Kids to Write

We all want our children to enjoy and feel confident writing. Yet, none of us want the struggle that can sometimes come from “suggesting” to our children that they spend more time writing at home. The good news is that there are lots of ways to inspire our budding authors to put pen to paper more often—without having to ask!

1. Put Together a Writing Caddy – Leave it out for your children to discover.

2. Provide Engaging Journals – Get one for yourself too, and enjoy writing time together.

3. Play Haikubes – Another fun option for family game nights.

4. Create a Writing Center – Create it and they will come.

5. Play Story Cubes – One more creative family game addition.

6. Start a Writer’s Notebook – Provides everything you need to start your young writer off on the right note.

7. Leave Out Blank Books – You will be amazed at the stories you see popping up around the house.

8. Read Inspiring Picture Books – Always great to use as reference points and inspiration for writing projects.

9. Let Them Wonder…


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Family Writer's Club

We thought it would be fun to offer the Family Writer’s Club workshop the week between Christmas and the New Year! It seemed like a great opportunity to set aside some family time to explore writing together. Join us for an exciting exploration of what it means to live like a writer. Together we will start writers’ notebooks and share in lots of inspiring writing prompts.

Start: December 29, 2014

End: January 02, 2015

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