Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelet

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Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelets

Ahhh, I can feel summer in the air… I am looking forward to quality time with the girls and nothing brings about better chats than a good craft. Heather of Poppy Haus is with us today to share a simple and fun project that is sure to fit the bill…

At this time of year I usually make a few trips to the craft store to pick up supplies to help pass the long summer days.  On my last visit I came home with bags and bags of  these unfinished wood beads in various sizes.  I have a few projects in mind for them, but I started off by following a tutorial found on Martha Stewart’s website to make this casual bib necklace.  It was such a simple, lazy day project that I decided to modify it for kids as a bracelet using multiple colors of stretch cord.  Found in the kids craft section, stretch cord is often used to make friendship bracelets.  It comes in a variety of colors and textures, and has a little give, but stays elastic.  Here’s how to make one like this (shown here on a 6 year old):

Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelets materials


  •  ¾” wooden beads
  • 3 colors 1mm stretch cord
  • Scissors and Ruler

Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelets Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelets

  1. Count out 10-12 beads

  2. Measure 3 strands of stretch cord at 18”

  3. Holding ends together, thread cord through the first bead.

  4. Pull the ends through, wrap them around the bead, and pull back through

  5. Pull taut to secure, leaving about 2” of cord length at the end

  6. Using the remainder of the cord, repeat looping and pulling through on the remaining beads until all ten are lined up snugly.

  7. Double knot and tightly tug the cord taut at the end and trim to about 1/4”


Heather Jennings is an interior stylist and the editor of the site Make+Haus, where she writes about food, play, and design. Her work has been featured on Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, Curbly, and Epicurious.  Heather earned her BA in Psychology and Gender Studies from The University of California, Davis, and has continued her studies in Interior Design.  She lives in Petaluma, CA, with her husband Adam and their two sons, who gladly serve as the official taste-testers for all of her family-friendly recipes.



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  1. My kids would love to make a bracelet like this. Thanks for the tutorial. And your beautiful photos alone are inspiration enough to make one!

  2. Adorable! And funny, since I made a bracelet with my son this morning! We died the wooden beads first and tied them with leather cord. Food coloring works well on wood and rubbing them with jojoba or coconut oil makes them shiny!

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