Child’s Play: Organizing One Toy at a Time (Part 2)

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Child's Play: Organizing One Toy at a Time (Part 2)

Adrienn is with us today to share some more simple tips for keeping toys organized and engaging for the little ones in our lives…

This is the second in a series of post about organizing children spaces. You can find the first one here.

“Regular routines help kids feel safe, and are vital for preschoolers, who grapple with big fears on a daily basis. The world is chaotic and scary to them; their household should be predictable. A calm, orderly and fun atmosphere, with regular meal and bedtime routines, will produce happier children who have the internal resources to meet daily developmental challenges. “– Dr. Laura Marhkham

But how exactly can we create a calm, orderly and fun home that nurtures their souls at this vulnerable age? I truly believe that a lovingly organized home is a step in the right direction. Narrow your focus on  these  three key areas and I bet organizing  his toys will be a breeze…

Child's Play: Organizing One Toy at a Time (Part 2)

1. Create: If you haven’t created an art station yet, now is the time. Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

 Store:Don’t procrastinate just because you want it to look perfect. Start by corralling all the art supplies (toilet paper rolls, paint, paper, glue, scissors etc.) that you have. Put like with like. Go shopping at home and find one or more boxes, containers or baskets where you can put everything in one place. Label it and display it near your child’s desk. I know this sounds to simple to be true but start first with something basic and flexible. All the art supplies should be located in one spot. Preferably you will both know where everything is, right next/under/above his desk. Don’t forget to add a couple of your old t-shirts as protective clothing.

Display: Set up an art gallery somewhere in the house where you can showcase their newest masterpiece. This can be a fun and easy self esteem booster. Plus you can pretend play going to the museum.

File: Find a system you can use over and over again. At the moment we have a simple accordion file which is great, each section is a different month and at the end of the year I can see how his drawings and paintings got more and more complex. I don’t file each and every drawing, just the ones he worked on more intense or told a darling story.

Child's Play: Organizing One Toy at a Time (Part 2)

2. Explore

 Store: Bookshelves full of books look great but can be too overwhelming for little ones. Showcase the ones they are into at the moment, the rest can be stored higher or lower. Don’t forget to provide a spot in the living room for their books as well and try to keep books from the library apart. A little basket with a cute label on it will do the job or try a similar under bed rolling storage crate.

Display: Books alongside objects they can investigate. Use trays or baskets for an inviting and inspiring look. Try to create a cozy nook where they can read on their own and where you can join them for some special time.

File: Have a little booklet where you can jot down the title and author of books you want them to read and the ones they loved.

Child's Play: Organizing One Toy at a Time (Part 2)

3. Pretend Play

Store/Display: I would recommend to choose pieces (dollhouse, play kitchen, work bench etc.) that can double as storage and display. I prefer wooden pieces over plastic, I think they look better, but a simple cardboard is, in my opinion, the most versatile.

File: Take out your phone and record some stories.

Quick and easy. Just how I like my organizing projects to be.

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If you are interested in discovering more practical tips for creating inviting spaces for the children in your life, check out our Playful Learning Spaces online class…




Adrienn Csoknyay’s passion for interior design and stylish spaces guided her to figure out how to keep them clutter-free and, above all, easy to maintain. Now she’s on a mission to find out whether it’s possible to live in an organized and creative space with kids, keeping sustainability and green living a priority. She holds an MS in Economics and Social Sciences from Szent Istvan University in Godollo and is a certified Interior Designer. Adrienn lives in a little village just outside Budapest with her partner, three children and a little dog. Yoga and HIIT workouts keep her fit while writing, sewing, and painting keep her sane.



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  1. Thank you for the motivation! I have two boys, both under 6 and things can be really chaotic at home… Displaying their art work is something I really wanted to do, but didnt know where to start! I think this weekend I’ll go for it! Great article:)

  2. Hope you took action, Anna! I know that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the options out there when in reallity all we need to do is provide ONE spot where we can easily change them in order to keep “the art gallery” up to date and inspiring.

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