DIY Lego Puzzles

DIY Lego Puzzles

Rebecca from ThirteenRedShoes is with us today and is sharing a wonderful project she recently discovered, which is great for hand-eye coordination and for inspiring the young builders in our lives.

Last year, I ran across this pin on Pinterest. It led to the most adorable idea by Kids Activities Blog, to create your own puzzles using Duplo blocks and photography!  There are so many amazing ideas on blogs today. I pin so many of them, but this was one that I really wanted to create and it was very quick and easy. I would say less than 20 minutes and you are away!

Here’s the idea: Use photos of various Duplo/Lego configurations as puzzle cards that children can recreate with their blocks at a later date.

DIY Lego Puzzles

DIY Lego Puzzles

Here’s how we did it:

  • The Duplo pieces were set up on a board we had painted to use as a neutral and uncluttered background.  A simple blanket or sheet of white paper could also work well, simply use what you have available.
  • The next step was to take photos from above as an aerial image or bird’s eye view.  I like to take all of my photos in spaces that are filled with natural light, but not necessarily bright sunlight.  Close to a large window or door is often ideal.
  • I made sure to change the colors and shapes of the Duplo pieces around so that there was a varying degree of difficulty in order to cater and differentiate for the ages and abilities of my boys (aged five and two).
  • Once I had a lovely little collection of images on my camera (it is very hard to stop once you start, so set yourself a time limit!), I uploaded to my computer and printed them out on my home printer.  You could also laminate your prints, print them on photo paper,  or even create a book, whatever suits you and your budget.
  • Little R was at school while we created this little provocation, so Little F helped to design some of the interesting Duplo creations himself.  If you have a little person around while doing this, it makes it so much more enjoyable! They get so much out of creating the image, seeing it on the screen, and finally seeing it printed out.  I aim to involve my children in these creating times as much as possible.
  • Once printed, place the puzzle cards on a  clipboard. Place a basket of the blocks used next to it in a lovely sunny spot, sit back and allow the littles to find the provocation, and enjoy.

DIY Lego Puzzles

You could use anything really for this activity, Duplo blocks are just a starting point.

You could take photos of:

  1. natural materials found in the garden such as: seed pods, petals, or leaves
  2. wooden blocks
  3. mini figs
  4. toy dinosaurs
  5. animal figurines
  6. rocks and crystals
  7. shells and sea glass

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.



Rebecca has a love for travel, the outdoors, and picture books, and enjoys spending her time sourcing delightful educational experiences to share with her two sons.With a background in early childhood and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tasmania, Rebecca teaches at a private all girls school in Australia. Her passion for the philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori lead Rebecca to Playful Learning many years ago when she first enrolled in the online Playful Learning Spaces workshop.  She shortly became a regular contributor, mainly focusing on children’s literature. Rebecca is currently working on a modern day primer for children, called Alphabet Town under the label bec + georg.



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  1. Huh! I found a game similar to this (Imaginets) a few years ago and bought it for my son’s birthday. It’s little colored shape pieces that are magnets and there is a stack of 50 or so cards with ‘puzzles’ to match onto the cards. I love this DIY version, too! 
    Sarah M

  2. I love this idea! My boys are lego-maniacs and also love puzzles. They like to just build freestyle but this would be a fun challenge. I have a preschool playgroup at my house once a month and I might make some of these up for the kiddos to try. Our next theme is trees so I think I will make up some different tree shapes with legos, take the pics and see how they do. I will let you know how it goes!

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