Chalkboard Writing Set

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Playful Learning: Chalkboard Writing Set

My four year old daughter recently completed her first year of preschool and she loves to write. She’s still working on getting the formation of her letters and loves to practice. Her favorite thing to do is trace letters. She’s constantly asking me to write the alphabet so she can trace over it. While I love seeing her write, I was getting a little tired of writing letters all day long!

Playful Learning: Chalkboard Writing Set

This led me to the idea of a chalkboard writing set that she could use over and over. It was a little time consuming to make, but very simple and worth the effort! Each wooden circle has an uppercase letter of the alphabet on one side and the corresponding lowercase letter on the other. The letters are painted with chalkboard paint, so they can be easily erased with a paper towel and used continuously.

Playful Learning: Chalkboard Writing Set

Would you like to make a set of your own? Here’s what you need:

  • 26 3″ wooden discs (mine were $0.19 each at the local craft store)
  • chalkboard paint
  • small paintbrush
  • alphabet stencils (also found at craft stores)
  • pencil
  • chalk
  • alphabet letter chart (to help your little one with the tracing)
  1. Stencil letters on to wooden discs with pencil, uppercase on one side, lowercase on the other.
  2. Paint! This is the part that takes a while. You will need at least two coats of chalkboard paint to get the coverage you need (I did 3). The instructions on my paint bottle said to wait an hour between coats, but my coats dried fairly quickly on the unfinished wood surface. If you don’t enjoy painting or have an unsteady hand, you could also try working with chalkboard contact paper. I haven’t tried it, but you could stencil your letters on to the paper, cut out, and stick on for a similar effect.
  3. Let the paint cure for 24 hours and then “season” it by rubbing white chalk lightly on the surface of the letters.

I made a small bag to keep our letters in, but a plastic bag would work great too! Make sure to include a piece of chalk, a paper towel, and a letter chart with your set, and you’re ready to trace!

Playful Learning: Chalkboard Writing Set




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  1. What a wonderful idea! My 4 year old is at a similar point in her letter writing and I know she would love this. Thank you for sharing this beautifully presented post!

  2. I made something similar with chalk cloth, backed by duck, that wraps up for travel and included blank space to practice as well, as the letters to trace (used a white fabric pen, worked pretty well.) It was insanely time-consuming and I soooooooo wish I had seen this tut beforehand! Lovely.

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