Toddler Art Caddy

Art was not a big part of my childhood. Science, math, and literature were deemed more important then creativity, and thus art was not considered an adequate outlet for us children to express ourselves. When I became a parent, there were many things that I wanted to do differently, but nurturing creativity was on the top of my list.

Since E (22 months) was born, he has been in contact regularly with art in its many forms. He has always had a particular liking for drawing over getting his fingers dirty, and I have been very careful to nurture this relationship that he seemed to be forming with art.

When he was 12 months old, I put together an art caddy for him to use. At that point, I made it very simple, so to not over stimulate him. The goal was to let him have free access to a few good quality materials.

Playful Learning: Toddler Caddy

Since then, his skills have greatly evolved, and his caddy was not fulfilling his creative needs anymore. Thus, I have upgraded it with new materials that are both appealing and developmentally appropriate for his skills, as well as, with some new exciting items that are a bit more challenging for him.  As a result, I have seen a renewed enthusiasm for art.

Playful Learning: Toddler Art Caddy

Yes, the caddy has seen better days, but at the same time, I love how it shows its history… The history of E loving to draw, scribble, write, and discover new ways to express himself.

In the caddy, I have put E’s favorite mediums, the ones he uses all the time—Stockmar pencils, soy crayons, window markers (to use with our plexiglass easel). But, as mentioned earlier, I have also included new materials for him to try. It is the first time he has access to wax crayons, block crayons, and stamps with ink.  I choose stamps illustrating things he loves: bicycles, trains, planes and tractors, much to his delight I might add!

Playful Learning: Toddler Art

He has also been showing interest in cutting lately.  He has been practicing using scissors for awhile, and although he is still in the learning stage, he gets them out everyday, and tries to cut, working on this newfound skill.

The same goes for the pencil sharpener. I have included tall, unsharpened pencils for him to sharpen on his own.  The simple act of sharpening gets his undivided attention almost daily.

Playful Learning: Toddler Art Caddy

E has free access to this caddy all the time. It is stored in our kitchen, right by our table, with a fresh stack of paper beside it. But what he loves best is to be able to have his art materials on the go, and bring his caddy anywhere that he feels like doing art.

Playful Learning: Toddler Art Caddy

Here are some of our favorite toddler art materials:

Happy drawing!


Neptune is a part time college professor, and homeschooling mom. She blogs about life with 3 children at Three Oaks.



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  1. Je vous ai volé cette idée ! Voilà longtemps que cela me trottait dans la tête, et je voulais attendre le moment propice… C’est un véritable succès, mon fils de deux ans expériemente beaucoup plus ces outils de dessin depuis qu’il lui sont proposés de cette façon ! Bon, j’ai dû adapter le concept avec un petit porte-bouteille, car les “art caddy” sont introuvables en France (j’en parle ici : )
    Je voulais juste vous dire MERCI MERCI (et je suis une inconditionnelle de votre blog, dont j’aime énormément l’approche très particulière, et rare dans les blogs montessoriens, de “simplicité volontaire”)
    Merci Neptune ! 😉

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