Dots and Stripes Bandana

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandana

I discovered Patricia’s inspiring blog, Good + Happy Day, in the early days, when I was contemplating a blog of my own. I can still remember loving the simple beauty of her nature display. Needless to say, I am thrilled that she is with is today as a contributor. Patricia shares a fun project that would be perfect for the 4th of July—or anytime of year.

Hello! I’m so excited to be contributing to Playful Learning, a blog and enterprise I’ve long admired and been incredibly inspired by. Children love to wear items of their own design, so today I’m sharing a bandana decorating project that’s simple to make but requires a wee bit of patience and time. It’s perfect for a long lazy afternoon or as a weekend activity. It’s a great team project too–several children can work on each piece together, or a parent and child can collaborate on it.

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

You’ll need very few materials:

  • Fabric markers
  • A white bandana or square scarf
  • Masking tape

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

To start, secure your bandana to a clean flat surface using masking tape on all four sides. Leave a narrow strip of fabric on each side that you will color and that will serve as a border.

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

Next, stretch masking tape over your bandana to make shapes and patterns. Here we made triangles but you could do squares, rectangles or other shapes as well.

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

Select a simple color scheme and use fabric markers to fill in the shapes made by the masking tape. You can fill in the shapes completely or decorate them with dots, stripes, or other patterns, or do a combination of both.

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

Fill in the border around the bandana with markers.

Remove all the masking tape and follow the directions for setting your fabric markers by either ironing the bandana or running it through the dryer.

Playful Learning: Dots and Stripes Bandanas

There are so many fun ways to use a pretty bandana: as a hair accessory, a napkin, a decorative accent on a bicycle or bag. It’s something to be enjoyed all summer long!


Patricia Fuentes Burns is a family coach and the founder of Good+ Happy Day blog, where she inspires and supports parents in making the most of their years with young children. She is also a writer, a collage artist, a wife, and a mama to three lively and creative daughters. She lives in Virginia right outside Washington, DC and tries to divide her time equally between urban and outdoorsy adventures.


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