Beginner’s Sewing Kit and Helpful Links

I want to start out this post by saying that I do not sew. I dabbled in it as a little girl,but have not picked up a needle and thread for at least 25 years. Yet when the girls started to show an interest in it, I decided to put together sewing kits for each of them as part of their holiday gifts. Sewing has many benefits for young children, ranging from the development of their fine motor skills to lengthening their attention span. I also love the chatting that evolves from sitting and creating together for long periods of time.

I started with a small square sewing basket that came with the basics (pin cushion, pins, threader, scissors, thread, etc.). I added sheets of felt, colorful buttons, embroidery thread, an embroidery hoop and tapestry needles. I also checked out a bunch of sewing books from the library and selected my two favorites: Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt and Virginie Desmoulins’ Girl’s Best Book of Knitting, Sewing and Embroidery.

The girls love having their own sewing kits and have been poring over their books to select the projects that they would like to complete. I will be learning right along with them and look forward to sharing their creations!

Helpful Links for Sewing with Young Children
Easy Hand Sewing for Kids ~ Early Years by Sew, Mama, Sew!
Embroidering with Children by Maya Made
In the Child’s Sewing Basket by Sewing School
Children’s Embroidery Pool on Flickr
Sequential Sewing Activities by Montessori Services
Do-It-Yourself Kits by Kata Golda
Top 100 Tutorials for 2009 by The Long Thread (For the Future)


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